About Blue Hat Media

Passionate… about what we do

We love all things digital and we love publishing – we’re incredibly lucky to be able to bring those things together.

Playful… with our approach

We believe that if you enjoy what you do it shows in the results. A hint (or a bucketful) of personality can add life to your brand.

Professional… in our attitude

We have fun but we’re never casual. We take pride in doing the best we can for our readers and our clients.

Colleen C Barrett quote

What Does Blue Hat Media Do?

Blue Hat Media is an independent publisher operating primarily in the equestrian niche. In addition, we offer digital marketing services to our advertising clients and to other small to medium sized businesses.

We currently publish Style Reins Magazine plus we run the #247equestrian and #247running Twitter networking communities. We also own and run Woof & Neddy, a gift and jewellery brand.

Our digital marketing services including SEO, social media and content marketing. We can work with businesses of all sizes in any niche though we have a particular affinity with other small, owner managed businesses like ourselves.

Find out more about our digital marketing services here.